An Interview with Rika Iino
Daniel Bernard Roumain

Per Josh, I will use this CR to respond to the prompts sent out by Dr. Roumain following the Rika Iino interview. To begin, what do I think by Iino’s challenge that artists should be “models of disruption?” For me, a “model of disruption” is something/ someone who changes the current status of something. “Disruption” usually has a negative connotation, but in this context, I see it as simply a change from what used to be. The “model” part refers to not only doing these acts yourself, which is creating change, but also serving as a model of which others will want to also change. Put together then, models of disruption are people who create change and who inspire others to also make change.

Related, how is my own work a “model of disruption?” I have always been fascinated by taking two seemingly opposite things/ topics, and placing them together. Like Dr. Roumain likes to encourage, I see what things have in common, and not so much how they are different. And if they are different, how is it that they can be made compatible? That said, in thinking about my creative enterprise, I would like to work with “craftivism,” which is taking crafts and using them for the purpose of political activism/ awareness. For me, this is exactly what a model of disruption looks like. Most people would not consider finding something so serious as political awareness within the realm of crafts. This action of craftivism is a disruption of the “norm” and I wish to serve as a model of that.