Sensitive & Insensitive

For a very long time, I’m a sensitive person. It’s not because I want to be but because I have the ability to feel others’ feeling extremely quick and accurate.

Being sensitive have some good advantages, it’s can let you more easily to dodge some potential impacts, It can let you avoid awkward moments... but it really comes with price. Being sensitive can make you emotionally run out far earlier before average person.

as I experienced a lot of problems of "Be sensitive", I decide to be a insensitive person. It's kind of hard to deal with at beginning,

Actually, "Being insensitive" is all about control, control ourselves to keep from responding to others' action and feeling, the longer I stick to this "insensitive" side, the more steady I become, finally I turn myself into a "Not so sensitive" person.

Being insensitive or being indifferent has huge beneficial effects on "concentration", You can fully stay focused on the task at hand. Sometimes People may say something about you and your personality, listen to them silently , after that forget what they said.