How to Land a Client with Your Blog

You’re a freelance writer and you probably have a blog.

Is writing on your blog a priority? Or, do you find yourself forgetting to update your lonely blog and deciding to ditch writing on it altogether?

I know. It’s hard when you suddenly become flooded with client work and deadlines.

For me though, I do my best to update my blog on a weekly basis, and if I can’t then I become a little creative. February was a busy month so I decided to interview successful freelance writers, thereby giving me more time to write for my clients, but making sure my readers get fresh new content! A win-win!

But, what if you are just too busy, or what if you don’t think you need a blog to land clients?

If you are one of those freelance writers that neglects your blog, you’re going to want to change your perception about it. As a freelance writer, you have the opportunity to use your blog to help you land clients. Not just any clients, but high paying clients.

I mean, this is free advertising right? Your entire freelance writing website has to showcase your best writing and what better way to do this than with a blog that has consistent content?

The trick is to know what to write about and demonstrate how great of a freelance writer you are.

So let’s uncover the formula to attracting clients with your blog.

What to Blog About?

If you’re a new freelance writer, you may be wondering what to write on your blog. There’s basically three areas you can focus your blog on:

  1. Your freelance writing niche (ex: business, health, parenting)
  2. Providing writing or blogging tips for the budding freelance writer
  3. Providing business tips to small businesses

Although you may feel like writing about other things such as your day-to-day musings, if this is your professional blog, let’s keep it focused on your business and what you can provide as a freelance writer.

This is not to say you can’t have a personal blog. Many freelance writers do, like Lisa C. Baker, a freelance writer and supermom. She has a personal blog filled with stories about being a mom.

But, for many of us, when choosing to have a professional blog, there’s only three areas you can focus on.

1. Niche Specific Blog

If you decide to focus on a niche topic for your blog, this helps develop your credibility as an expert in your niche. It also helps new freelance writers build up their portfolio when they may not have any clips to showcase.

What better way to show prospective clients your expertise than in your blog posts? This can do well for two more reasons:

  1. When you develop a niche blog, you tend to really focus on your blog, essentially putting your blog first. For example, Michelle’s blog, Making Sense of Cents, is a financial blog. On it, she helps other people find ways to make more money, save money and budget, all the while working on her life to do the same. She isn’t a freelance writer, but because of her blog, she has ongoing freelance writing clients.
  2. You can turn your blog into a business by monetizing it. Running GoogleSense Ads, affiliate ads or even writing sponsor posts can help you earn a little cash when you find yourself without any client work.

2. Freelance Writing Tips Blog

If you feel you want to focus writing on your niche topics for guest posts, then use your blog to provide top quality information on writing, blogging, marketing or anything associated with being a freelance writer.

By writing about your profession, it has the added benefit of not only drawing in other freelance writers who are eager to learn about this career, but prospective clients who may not know the benefits of hiring a freelancer.

You can also monetize your freelance writing blog, but just not at the same caliber as a niche specific blog. I mean, if you have ads cluttering up your side bar and posts, this could turn off clients, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple ads and to even do some sponsored posts or affiliate marketing.

3. Business Tips Blog

A great way to help prospects decide if they need a content writer is to use your blog to tell business why they need freelance writers. This not only helps indecisive prospects lean towards hiring a freelance writer, it shows them that you know your way around marketing and how content is valuable for small businesses.

Many freelance writers do a mix of freelance writing tips and business tips. For example, Alicia Rades has great posts on why business need a blog, but also writes about tips on how to freshen up your blog posts. KeriLynn Engel has posts on how to find quality freelance writers and how to maximize SEO strategies.

So, now that we covered what you could blog about, how can we use it to get you some clients?

How to Attract Clients With Your Blog

As your freelance business grows and you suddenly have too much work on your plate, you may start to lose focus writing on your blog.

You must remember, though, as a freelance writer, even though you have enough work for this month, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same amount of work next month.

So, in order to land clients through your blog, follow these 4 rules:

1. Treat Your Blog Like a Client

Hold yourself accountable and schedule your blog in your agenda. You may want to create an editorial calendar. WordPress has an easy calendar to use and it’s free.

2. Be Consistent and Regularly Update Your Blog

When clients see that you update your blog frequently, they can infer that if they hired you, you would do the same for them.

Lauren Thrap of Little Zotz Writing, landed a marketing gig on a TV mini-series because she consistently wrote on her blog. And it was her personal blog, not her professional blog! So it goes to show, not matter what you really write about, as long as you keep updating your blog, people will notice.

3. Write With Passion

Once you treat your blog like a client, start to add passion into your blog posts. Writing for a living can be monotonous at times. I mean if one of your clients is the owner of a refrigeration and packing company, your posts aren’t going to be all that exciting.

Having your own blog allows you to stretch your writing wings and write about what you truly want to write about. And when you have passion to fuel your writing, your blog posts will stand out to prospects pursuing your blog.

Adding vibrant images can connect to the audience in a relatable and engaging manner. It also help convey what you are writing about. Prospective clients will recognize your passion and will seek you out to duplicate this on their blog or website.

4. Inject Personality in Your Writing

Use stories when writing your blog posts and make it personal. This is a great platform to be a little spunky, comical or whimsical when you write.

I recently had a local prospect contact me and said after reading a few posts on my blog, they could tell I had a colorful and fresh take when I created content. I was flattered and hadn’t realized my blog posts generated that feeling.

I took it to heart and now use their description about my blog for my tagline — “I add color to your content.”

Let The Clients Come to You

Having a blog is a great way to boost your business and develop loyal readers while at the same time attracting prospects.

As a writer, your blog helps develop your niche and improves your writing.

People take notice when they see a well developed blog that is consistent with a freelance writer’s brand. It doesn’t hurt either, to have sharing buttons and comments on your blog. This helps clients see that if your content is share worthy and highly engaging on your blog, then it will also be on their site (if they hire you).

Just remember one important aspect of using your blog to attract clients: always be marketing.

At the end of each of blog posts, add an author bio detailing your services and the easiest way to contact you. This makes it extremely easy for prospects to know what type of writing services you do and how to reach you should they want to collaborate with you.

So before you let your blog build cobwebs, give it a little TLC and use it as a marketing strategy for your success as a freelance writer.

Have you given your blog much attention lately?

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