It seems impossible, but it’s not if you have a plan

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I’ve been writing online for six years now.

Well, that’s a lie. I dabbled in some blogging over ten years ago when I was newly married. The internet back then was the wild wild west. Keywords were thrown everywhere, stuffed in posts and in URLs, and it was not unheard of to make a product niche site like zebra print rugs (dot com).

But, I found writing about different products boring and moved on with my life and started university and working with children with autism.

I learned that I loved helping others and teaching.

And during those years, the internet changed with every new Google update to what it is now — EAT rules, and credible and valuable content drives how money is made online. I currently own more than ten sites, but only half of them are active. The other five sit waiting for their time. …

My content marketing plan for 2021

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I started blogging almost seven years ago, but it wasn’t until the last four years that I saw the potential of working from home for good. That was also the time my husband realized it and decided to join my business, and help me run it.

For many new bloggers the idea of making your first $1,000 from your blog is a gigantic feat, but I want to talk to those that are already making money blogging but want to double their income or scale their business.

So, how will I go from $20k/month to hopefully $50k/month from blogging?Let’s …


Building an emotional connection to your brand with your story

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “digital marketing”?

Most people probably think of online ads and aggressive marketing campaigns.

No, thanks.

Marketing to your audience doesn’t have to be off-putting or intimidating. You can connect with potential customers by using the art of storytelling.

And we’re not talking “once upon a time” here!

Storytelling as part of a digital marketing strategy involves sharing a story to elicit an emotional connection to your brand and product.

So if you’re ready to create a connection with your audience and convert them into customers, here’s all you need to know about storytelling in digital marketing. …


And how to overcome them

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Did you know that writers all face the same common obstacles? As a writer, you might think that your struggles are all your own. I’m here to tell you that they are not!

Writing is so personal that there are a lot of reasons why you might face obstacles. From your bad sleep you had to the stress your boss is giving you or to the impending decision of what to do when your child has to go back to school during a pandemic.

I am going to go over the common reasons why you can’t reach your writing goals — even with obstacles in the ways — and some awesome resources to help you reach those goals. Whether it is publishing your next (or first) great novel or just getting that content published on your blog, we all have struggles. …

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Isn’t it the freelance writer’s dream to make a great living doing something they love?

No matter what type of writing you do, you can make good money from it as long as you put in the time and effort.

When I first started as a budding freelance writer, it took me a while to find the perfect lucrative niche. I made a lot of mistakes that cost me clients and cash.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Here’s a list of the various types of freelance writing careers available, what they all entail, and the average freelance salaries. While many of these offer some good salaries, there is the potential to make over six figures per year with every type of freelance blogging job. …

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Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

The thought of having your own schedule, your own business and your own journey can be overpowering. But, once you take that leap by starting your online shop, or blog, or brick and mortar business, you quickly have doubts.

Doubts about really making a living as an entrepreneur and realizing that the work you have to do to make that happen is more than that full-time job you had.

I’ve had my own business since 2014 and there were many times I wanted to quit. Time away from my growing twins, the lack of knowing if what I was doing was going to grow and the harsh reality of others that started around my time were already making money and already having success made me doubt it all. …

It takes more than being in the groove to write post after post

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I get paid to write. I write for startups, small business owners, and big brands.

I’m also a blogger with several blogs. Over the years, I’ve learned that I needed to improve my writing process if I wanted to meet deadlines and make more money as a writer and blog at the same time. I mean, there would have been no way to start other blogs if I didn’t learn how to write valuable long-form content quickly.

Here is the exact process I use to quickly write 1,000 words in under an hour.

I Know my niche inside and out

It took me three years to know my niche inside and out — digital marketing. I did a lot of writing about my niche topic, talking about my niche topic and applying my niche topic. …

If you act like you already made it, doesn’t that mean you made it?

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One of my popular posts is called, “I Faked It Until I Made It And Here’s How You Can Do The Same.”

The idea of that post was if you act like you’re a legit freelancer, then it can change your mindset and give you the confidence to get out there and hustle. To take this a step further, Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School found that standing in a more confident “power pose” actually makes you feel more confident.

But is this true for a side hustle? …

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Freelance writing is all about marketing.

It’s not about whether or not you have impeccable grammar or you know your oxford commas from your serial commas. It’s not about exceeding deadlines or having a project management system in place. No, it’s not. It’s about having a solid marketing strategy that will get your name out there and have the clients come to you.

This is called inbound marketing and it’s the best type of marketing for you because it doesn’t require any pitching or hustling. …

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Do you ever think about how much stuff you have to get done as a freelancer?

IT IS A LOT (biggest understatement of the century)!

Not only are your own boss, but you’re your own social media manager, blog manager, project manager, finance person and content developer.

What you want to get done and what you have to get done, not only in the long term, but even just today can be plain overwhelming.

If all of this leaves you feeling like your life is spinning out of control, I invite you to intentionally create a routine for yourself and your family. …


Elna Cain

Elna Cain is a freelance writer for hire, consultant, & a mom to twins. She mentors new writers on her award-winning freelance writing blog

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