Lyles Studio workspace for interns and Project Ignite teams.

The Hub of Digital Transformation has created a studio at the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, equipped with the latest technology providing DX interns and Project Ignite teams a collaborative space to create amazing things.

(left window) rqt with simulated camera view on the bot (right window) output from AWS facial recognition service “Rekognition”

AWS RoboMaker

AWS Robomaker is a service that allows you to easily develop robotics applications, test them out in a 3D world, and deploy your applications to multiple physical robots. The best part of it is that it provides cloud extensions for ROS so you can have your resource-intensive processing on the cloud instead of directly on the robot, which may not be capable of doing so. On top of that, you get a development environment so you can work on your robotics applications from anywhere.

More info on AWS Robomaker can be found here.

Navigation and Person Recognition

Robomaker also includes various sample applications to…

Join us now to explore Autonomous Robots and Artificial Intelligence!

The Fresno State Hub of Digital Transformation provides project-based learning experience in ROS (Robot Operating System) via Amazon RoboMaker and AWS AI services. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and apply software and hardware engineering skills with emerging Cloud tools to prepare for a career in robotics and automation.

Ready to join our team? Email Max Tsai, Innovation Architect and Coordinator of Fresno State Digital Transformation.

New AY2019–2020 Cohort

Erick Castro

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