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Dec 30, 2019 · 5 min read is a platform that encrypts, publishes and secures your content on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It gives you the ability to publish your content while still owning the full rights to your content. We are proud to announce the release of our beta version of our platform. A step to fulfilling our vision to bring the power of publishing to every internet user.

In order to use platform right now it is essential that you are familiar with the way bitcoin and wallets work. We encourage you to backup your wallet and keys right after you generate your wallet. Failure to do so could result in a loss of funds. We do not keep a back up of your private keys.

Keys: You can have your wallet address, keys, and your RSA key backup. RSA keys can be used to encrypt and read your content. By keeping a backup of your RSA, you can use any method of exploring the bitcoin blockchain such as block explorers or other services like ecat to have access to your content. Your private key is yours and we won’t have any access to it.

Wallet: You can see the stats of your wallet above the page at all times. by clicking on the live button your wallet keeps in sync with the bitcoin network and you can monitor your stats there. if you have not generated a wallet yet, this section will show the message ‘NOT LOGGED IN YET’.

New Wallet Page

When you first start using your account you can click on generate new wallet to create a new wallet and get started. After you have created the wallet, you will be notified to backup your keys. Please do so and keep the backed-up file safe.

Generate New Wallet

After you finished the process of creating a wallet, you can backup your wallet, your RSA key, and your private keys by clicking the backup button. Please keep this backup file safe.

Backup Keys

Charging Wallet: First, you need to enter the size of the files you want to upload in the box and click submit. After that, a new moneybutton is generated and you can fund your wallet by swiping the button. Your transactions are split into UTXO bills which each hold a certain amount of data in their outputs. Each UTXO will be ready to host some data in their output.

Charging Wallet Using Money Button
Unconfirmed Balance After Charging Wallet

Currently you are only able to charge your wallet using moneybutton but we are working to implement additional gateways for you to do so. Keep in mind that in order to use your UTXO’s you might need to wait for the next block to get confirmed and also encrypting your files will increase the size of files by approx 20%. We are working on encryption and compression methods that help reduce the size of the files and will implement these features gradually.

Publishing: After the confirmation of the next block, you can publish your files by going into the upload section. Simply select or drag and drop your files into the browser and click process.

Uploading files for publishing

After the processing of your file is done, ecat will push the file into the broadcast section and you can start broadcasting by clicking start broadcasting.

Uploading files for publishing

Please do not close your browser while broadcasting. After the broadcasting is done you can manage and add new tokens your files in the profile section.

Completed Upload

In the profile section you can manage the files you have published before. we are in the process of adding new features and schemes for tokenization to the profile page.

View published file under Profile

We have implemented 0conf features so most of the times you don’t have to wait for the next block to get confirmed. Keep in mind that if the number of transactions is large (larger files), it might take some time before they are all propagated on all the nodes out there. We are always working on making the process more time-efficient and as of right now ecat is amongst the fastest publishing and retrieving services.

Tokenization : You can manage the access to your content by utilizing the tokenization schemes. Right now we only have the normal token type activated and the max number of use charges for each token is capped at 10. We will release different token schemes and paywall features that you can manage via this page soon. Simply click on the details button on any files in the profile page can click ‘Manage tokens’ to create and manage tokens for your content.

Linker Hash After Upload is Succesful

After that, you will get directed to the token management page for your content. You can create new tokens by clicking on ‘New button.

Generating New Tokens
Generating New Tokens

UTXO issues: We have come across some rare issues that might in time cause minor issues for the publishing process. For example, if you upload a large number of files, some outputs of the smaller size(less than 100kb) will remain in your wallet. These outputs are the change for the smaller size uploads that you have done before. By clicking on the gear icon and then clicking recycle you can re-mint those smaller outputs into appropriate sized outputs that you can use to publish new content on.

Recycling UTXOs is powered by ecat protocol which is powered by Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. You can sign up at

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