How can I get more donors for my start up business?

Crowdfunding is a very new type of funding which takes benefit of the power of the Internet and helps many people to donate to a project in which they see a potential. Many entrepreneurs raised tens of thousands of dollars via this method of funding and succeeded to develop their projects with this approach.

Raising Donations With Kickstarter

This website allows project to get funded .Would be great to check it before getting started.

Raising Donations With IndieGogo

The second biggest crowdfunding site is which is basically a marginally smaller version of kickstarter. So if for some reason kickstarter does not work for you, you can conceivably use indiegogo.

Specific Crowdfunding Sites

There are also many crowdfunding sites that are into funding different niches. For example, helps funding mobile apps. Various science projects can get funding via Some crowdfunding sites are more productive than others at raising money, so you have to think what is right for you following on the type of your project, and your funding requirements.

How CrowdFunding Actually Works

These websites allow you to invite your friends to donate to the project.The sites can help people to find projects to which they can donate their money .But you should consider that you need to dedicate many hours promoting your project and you should understand that crowdfunding sites take 4%-5 % of the total money raised.

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