Which attitudes lead to failure most often?

Which attitudes lead to failure most often?

As any wealthy person will genuinely admit failure . But from each failure, we learn two beneficial lessons.

Failure has many reasons and here are the following reasons

1. Lack of Perseverance

More people fail not because they lack expertise or talent but because they just quit. It’s essential to keep in mind two words: perseverance and resistance. Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid of struggle .Perseverance is essential to achieve your objective.

Learn from your unsuccessful story and decide to change your life .

2. Lack of Belief

People who lack belief in what they’re doing can’t succeed. People without strong belief get lost and accept failure. They don’t get started new paths because they keep believing that there is no worth to follow our dreams. They are afraid to start a new life .They don’t believe in their dreams and can’t decide what is their mission in life. Lack of courage and belief makes them feel miserable .Lack of belief makes them loose hope .

3. Justification

Winners might analyze, but they never justify . Losers justify and have a book full of reasons to tell you why they couldn’t succeed.

Don’t think of every unsuccessful effort as a failure. Few people prosper at everything the first time. Most of us achieve our goals only through repeated attempts

4. Don’t blame yourself for the Past Mistakes all your life.

Failure is a teacher if we have the right approach .Wise people learn from their mistakes and see it as a good experience .Evaluate the situation — what you want to accomplish , what your plan is, why it didn’t work.

5. Lack of Practice

Anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile has never done it without practice .Practice takes self-control, sacrifice and avoiding distractions . It means staying concentrated and following your plan.

6. Lack of Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem is a lack of self-respect and confidence .People with low self-confidence are continually trying to find themselves rather than inventing the person they want to be.

Don’t blame yourself. You might have failed miserably , but you’re not a failure until you stop giving a try. Think of yourself as someone hungry for success , and you’ll be better able to follow your dreams .

7. Pessimistic Attitude

A pessimistic attitude prevents people from admitting responsibility for their life.They associate success and failure to luck. They surrender themselves to their fate, unconcerned of their efforts, that anything has to happen will happen anyway.

You are in charge of your life.You have control of almost everything that happens to you.

And remember “Your attitude determines your altitude”

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