Why I voted for Trump. Reading between the lines

The election is over.

Most of the world is shocked.

Most of America is shocked.

The media scrambled to speak to the voters.

This is what they said.

Why did you vote Trump?

I am concerned about how unsafe America has become.

Can you give us an example?

Like the Boston Marathon Bombing. That made me feel unsafe.

I am concerned about riots and protests. Perhaps now the police will be more emboldened.

The silent majority have finally spoken. We are tired of keeping our heads down. Our numbers are dwindling. No country can be strong without one single unified culture.

Why should our jobs be sent overseas? And they also come here to take the ones that are left.


It is curious that the examples of terrorism did not include school shootings or gun violence, which take far more lives.

Is there a wish for the good old days when the police killed civilians with impunity and the communities affected could do nothing?

Will protests and riots now stop with a Trump presidency? Have they this last week?

Was the election in fact the work of the “majority.” And have they truly been silent? #AllLivesMatter, #Kaepernick, #AffirmativeAction, #PoliticalCorrectness, #Feminism, #Immigration?

If the single, unified culture is one of superiority and hate, how will a country, any country, prosper?

Can manufacturing jobs be profitable with first world wages, in a capitalistic system that values profits above all else?

Can immigration be curbed given the billions it adds to the government coffers from immigration fees alone?

Was the driving force for this election really the need for change? Or was it the fear of change?