Mind The Gap: A Gap In The Mind
Medical John Doe

As an MD with suspected Autism myself, this has been a great read, the fact that cerebellar development would be affected in the autistic brain is quite the news to me, I’ll look up at the literatures that you referred to here.

In the meantime I’ll suggest you to look up XAV939 and how it might have a role in autism. My own personal hypothesis, because I’m a speaking member of the neurotribe, is that autism rose as a reaction to the hypersensory overwhelming of the thinking algorithms inside our brain, and the XAV939 hypothesis fits this like a glove due to its effects on hyperconnectivity from level V of pyramidal cells to others which can explain the sensory overload that many of our talking autistic describe, and other than the apparent enlargement of the arcuate fasciculus, I am not aware of other morphological anomalies found in the autistic type especially of the asperger/hfa variant, and so reading this has elucidated something that has expanded my mind on this topic, and for that I offer my gratitude.