How to Stay Away?

I have decided that one of my biggest goals this year is to quit getting so into the spiral that is today’s news. I know many of my friends will balk and say that we must stay informed, vigilant, etc. But I am fucking miserable, and have never been much of an activist anyway, so I am going to try and cut that stress out.

I do plan to stay informed, but there is so much that can be filtered. I.E. Meryl Streep and Trump exchanging blows of sorts. I saw the headline, and as much as I wanted to read the article, I moved on.

Thus far though, I haven’t been particularly successful. I wanted to lay off saying things about Trump and all of it. I have resigned myself to 4 years of absolute political and social misery. I just keep my fingers crossed that the damage is minimal.

Yet, fuck, it boggles the mind.

I try so hard to wrap my head around it. I understand that people are scared for their guns, they don’t like the abortions, etc. But really, the main reason that Trump won was hatred for Hillary. It has to be. Your guns aren’t truly in danger, and Planned Parenthood already can’t use government money for abortions.

It’s all Hillary. Hatred for her allowed millions of people to ignore thousands of horrible things. I think of elections passed, when one single moment derailed other candidate’s bids. Howard Dean was on top, he acted crazy on stage, and everyone changed their minds. One silly act.

If any other candidate in history got caught saying he grabs women by the pussy…they would have issued an apology the next day, and bowed out. Yet, no one really cares. And there is a thousand other things that could have derailed anyone else. Since the election, Trump has backtracked on one campaign promise after another. So why does he get a pass?

Hillary hate.

Hatred for one person has caused the nation to elect the least qualified, most juvenile and bigoted individual that has ever run for office. We are in danger, I have no doubts about that. I don’t care about your guns, keep them. I don’t care about Planned Parenthood, as you have already killed it, and my feelings have dissipated. I care about all that will come. All the liberties that we shall lose. All of the people who’s rights will disappear. As cheesy as I always thought Obama’s “Hope” was, it now makes perfect since, because hope is gone.

Now I will spend the remainder of the next 4 years trying to ignore.