Does Anyone Actually Believe The Media Anymore?

I honestly want to know. If you opened Google “news” today, you’d immediately think Trump is going to drop out. You’d also think the Iran ransom wasn’t a ransom and that Hillary won fair & square. You wouldn’t hear about Bernie getting screwed, Iran not living up to it’s end of the bargain, or that Hillary had 50–100 “supporters” at all of her “rallies” this week. You also won’t hear Jill Stein’s name, EVER. The “polls” presented to us are obviously biased, have been revealed for the propaganda they are, but are still force fed to the masses as fact. What the FUCK is going on in this country? We know for CERTAIN (THANK YOU JULIAN) that CNN, MSNBC, and even some Fox anchors are nothing more than paid shills / mouthpieces for Her. We know for CERTAIN that the DNC panders to minorities, but calls them every name under the sun in private. We know for CERTAIN that the DNC rigged the election against Bernie since day 1. Yet for some reason, we never hear a peep about these things in our media. Please share your thoughts on this. Maybe I’m missing something.