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Funny, I don’t remember Think Progress writing such hit pieces when Obama went golfing 5 times per week. I didn’t hear you whine & cry when Obama became everything he promised to fix in DC. That’s because Think Progress = Mega Hypocrisy. It’s really sad you don’t realize you are actually pushing people away. Many moderate Dems & Indys are sick & tired of the 24/7 hysteria & hypocrisy we’re seeing. Trump works harder than any president we’ve ever seen. We didn’t even know where Obama was half the time (which shocked me seeing as I voted for him). We would later find out he’d spend 3 days writing a speech, while Americans went without jobs, healthcare, etc. Truth is you rich white sheltered urban liberals are scared to death. You see a president who IS keeping his promises, who IS helping the economy, who IS fighting to bring back jobs, and that doesn’t fly with you. I mean if Trump keeps his promises, gasp will establishment Dems & Republicans be expected to do the same? What about the poor donors? What about the poor lobbyists? They invested all this money into establishment politicians and now they have no access! Boooo Hoooo!

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