Obama On The Vineyard…Fore!

Once again, an American city is experiencing riots, violence, property destruction, and chaos. Once again, our feckless Lecturer-In-Chief can’t even be bothered to address the nation to ask for peace and calm. Once again, The Great Divider shows his absolute disdain for America while laughing and joking with reporters on the golf course instead of addressing the very real struggles of the American people. Milwaukee, as with Ferguson and Baltimore, revealed where Obama’s priorities lie. (Hint, his priorities are golf and himself). Our worthless, incompetent president has been travelling around the world in 5 star luxury on his apology tour for the past few months, and has less than 6 months left in office, but he clearly thinks he deserves this 2 week golf vacation on the Vineyard. He’s planning to spend all of October campaigning for the Crooked Criminal with Cankles. Why doesn’t he do us all a favor & resign? Or better yet, why doesn’t Congress get off it’s collective fat ass & start impeachment hearings? That ought to be enough to jolt Obama back to reality. If his precious “legacy” is put in jeopardy, maybe he’ll finally come back to Earth & accomplish something positive for America for once in his miserable presidency. Absolutely disgusted.