To All Potential Twitter Investors & Advertisers

Are you thinking of investing in Twitter? Are you considering advertising on Twitter to attract new business? If you are, please read this before you do and understand what you are buying into.
Twitter has become the online equivalent to the Gestapo. I understand this may seem a bit extreme, but allow me to explain. It is no secret that Twitter’s management & employees are mostly left leaning “liberals”. They have the sole power to decide what is acceptable and what’s considered “offensive”. A liberal welcomes free speech and is willing to debate their ideas. A FASCIST blocks & censors those they don’t agree with. A FASCIST uses violence as a means to stop ideas they loathe. As a lifelong Democrat who voted for Donald Trump, my experience on Twitter has shown me that I chose the correct candidate to lead this country. I have been shadow banned, suspended, and been placed on “time out” (12 hour limited access) on Twitter for daring to speak out against Dem leadership and those closest to the Dem cause (such as Chelsea Clinton). Not once did I make any threats, applaud violence, or seek to cause anyone harm. On the contrary, I reported several leftist accounts that DID call for violence. I reported accounts that called for assassinating our elected president. I reported accounts that displayed discrimination & racism. However not ONCE did any account I reported become suspended or locked. Why? Because all those accounts held the following in common. Support for Democrats, support for violent protesters, support for riots & property destruction, and support for anti-Trump agitation. 
Twitter has become much too powerful for it’s own good. It’s management has started to believe their own hype. They are not God, but the way they pick & choose what is acceptable is disgraceful. Twitter has clearly taken sides & it censors free speech daily. Twitter & Twitter alone decide what is acceptable to say & what is not. If Twitter stayed neutral, this would not be a problem. It has done everything except stay neutral. It chose a side & it’s defending that side while trampling on the civil rights & liberties of millions of Americans. 
The real kicker though is HOW one is suspended or locked out of Twitter. It just happens. A screen appears & says something along the lines of, “your account has been suspended for violating our rules”. End of. No explanation. No clues pointing to what you did wrong. And worst of all, no way to find out. Of course you can send a message to Twitter, but they do not respond. My first suspension I sent 1 message per day, 5 messages in total to Twitter. I was furious. I had NO idea what I had done, said, or written that was wrong, and I never found out. 5 days later I received a cookie cutter, impersonal email stating my account was found to be in breach of Twitter rules and regulations, and would be suspended indefinitely. So with that, a decision had been made & I was not even allowed to make my case, or more importantly, find out why I was suspended so I wouldn’t make the same mistake in the future.
Many people have already dumped Twitter, just as they did with MySpace and Facebook, and this pattern will continue. Twitter will be replaced by a neutral & free speech friendly platform. Let’s call it the Switzerland of social media. is already attracting & stealing away many loyal Twitter users. Before you invest or spend a single dollar of your advertising budget with Twitter, I suggest you talk to the many, many Americans who feel exactly as I do. Then ask yourself, “do I believe free speech is important?”. If you answer yes, spend your money elsewhere. There are plenty of tech companies looking for investments. There are plenty of online platforms to advertise on as well.
I do not want to censor ANY American’s speech. If you support Hillary or Bernie or Jim Webb or Martin O’Malley, or if you’re gullible enough to support Evan McMuffin, that is your business and your right. That protection is guaranteed to you under the Constitution. On the flip side, when you promote violence, call for assassinations, or encourage more aggressive & destabilizing behavior on behalf of your political ideals, you crossed the line. However as long as you do such despicable things in the name of “social justice”, Twitter will back you. Call such things out and Twitter will mark you with the Scarlet Letter, lock your account, and suspend you.
By choosing to play God, Twitter has trampled on our civil rights & made censorship acceptable. Just like the Gestapo. If you believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and your Constitutionally protected rights, that should scare you.