We Demand Bernie Pay His Fair Share In Taxes!

To paraphrase a famous VT senator/hypocrite, we MUST make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes!
Thanks to Rachel Maddow (of all people), we are now aware that President Trump paid $38 million in taxes to the US government in 2005. That comes to around 25% of President Trump’s income, paid in taxes. 
By comparison, we also know Bernie Sanders paid around 13% in taxes. How does a sitting senator, who claims to stand for the poor & working class, cheat his way out of paying his fair share? My guess is a good accountant, but I digress. The good senator makes in excess of $200,000 per year. I would venture to guess a good portion of Senator Sander’s supporters do not make in excess of $200,000 per year. I would also venture to guess they pay a hell of a lot more than 13% on the income they do make! Senator Sanders even found a way to contribute less than those “evil corporations” he goes out of his way to demonize! Comcast paid around 24% in taxes. Even President Obama paid almost 19% in taxes!
The time has come for Bernie Sanders to practice what he preaches. It’s time for Bernie Sanders to pay HIS fair share of taxes! After all, it’s wealthy, 3 home owning politicians like Bernie that give the rich a bad name!