Where Is Sick Hillary Hiding?

It’s no secret that Hillary rallies are little more than Democratic Party interns, giddy media types, fervent I’m With Her fascists, and a few unenthusiastic paid “supporters”. We’ve all seen the pictures & videos. 200 or so people taking up about half of an elementary school gym. Brainwashed campaign staffers hand out “hand painted” pro-Hillary signs, and confiscate any Bernie or anti-Hillary material. So with that being said, why has Hillary been tremendously late to her last 2 events? It’s not like there are overwhelming crowds to deal with, or any interest at all really. Last week she gave her uninspiring & quite loony “alt right” conspiracy theory lecture, in which she called anyone who doesn’t support Her a racist, bigot, or white supremacist. That was extremely hilarious and deeply offensive at the same time. It really showed just how out of touch she is, how scared of Trump she is, and how very little she has to offer this country in terms of achievements, policies, or good decision making. I digress. Hillary arrived over 2 hours late to that speech, and 40 minutes or so late to her boring, cookie cutter lecture at the American Legion this afternoon, but the media has yet to ask WHY. I’ll tell you why. Because Hillary is SICK. 
Once she finally arrived and graced the stage with her almighty presence, she failed to deliver anything of substance and once again chose to talk about Donald Trump. No talk of her “achievements”. No talk of her policies. In reality, it was another snooze fest. However one would be a fool to expect anything more from Sick Hillary. She looked absolutely horrible today. Her skin was grey and sallow. Her voice was extremely raspy and her arms giggled and shook from a lack of muscle tone. She seemed exhausted.
Does anyone actually know what’s wrong with Sick Hillary? It’s pretty obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain that Hillary is not well. She constantly needs “handlers” to help her in and out of an SUV that has been customized to make entry easy for Secretary Clinton (at the tune of $500,000 in tax payer money for her 3 custom SUVs). She’s very uneasy on her feet and she requires stools & support pillows at all of her lectures (or “interviews” on Kimmel). She even required the installation of an additional handrail on her visit to Joe Biden’s childhood home. Not to mention the strange, Miu Miu/Mao jackets she favors that conceal her catheter tubes/bags. Many respectable doctors have commented on just how horrible Secretary Clinton looks, and even Obama’s old doctor called for a complete neurological test for Sick Hillary. So with all this being said, America is worried about Sick Hillary. She hides away for days on end, only leaving her bed to fund raise with rich people & celebrities. If you don’t have the money honey, Hillary doesn’t have the time! Just ask the good folks of Louisiana, who didn’t even rate a visit from Sick Hillary, let alone money from her crooked, corrupt Clinton Foundation. If anyone knows where Sick Hillary has been hiding for the past month or so, please let America know. Hillary is running to be president for ALL Americans, not just the ever shrinking HillBot crew and paid Correct The Record trolls.