Just Say Hi…

I think one the hardest things in the human experience is the idea of facing rejection.

It’s the fear of the unknown and the idea of coming face to face with the reality of not feeling accepted that reeks havoc in the mind and heart of those who often lay stuck in a perpetual holding pattern and comfort zone of silence. But is rejection really the biggest fear? Is rejection really about not being accepted, understood, loved or even wanted? Or is rejection about the awkwardness of pushing beyond comfort and controlables into someone else’s space where we must relearn how to interact and discover our real selves? How deep!

22% of Millennials say they think technology has made finding love more difficult and 57% say they’re lonely.

The challenge in part is further perpetuated through technology and social media platforms. For all of the “social” qualities that online dating, mating, and “face” type connection that forums such as: Facebook, Match, Twitter, or even Tinder offers, “22% of Millennials say they think technology has made finding love more difficult and 57% say they’re lonely.” — per datingsitereviews.com

So in a practical way, how do we solve this dilema of dating, loneliness and rejections? How push beyond our comfort zone and create connection with the world and worlds walking beside us? How do we get over the fear and awkwardness of rejection?

The simplest way of overcoming the fear of rejection, pushing beyond comfort, and reaching beyond controlables into a place of self discovery and interaction is to speak to strangers.

Speaking to strangers has a way of interrupting norm and merging distance references and worlds into a small, and all be it, quick, collide. Speaking to a stranger gives a quick antidotal umph to the gloom of self-absorption plaguing the daily human experience. There are articles and books explaining the scientific and chemical tensions of rejection and acceptance with strangers. But I just want to point out one euphoric feeling of interaction.

I was sitting in an environment other night where the foot traffic was minimal. A person was sitting next to me that I had known of for 2 years but never really took the time to converse with about anything. We were sitting right next to each other, our chairs were touching but both on our phones. After five (5) minutes passing, I put my phone down and just said, “Hi.” The conversation sprung from that moment and lead to a potential business partnership. A deep concept hit me afterwards: when you are in company of strangers, just say Hi. This can change what other see and perceive in the world around them and will definitely change you. And a changed you can change the world!!