EV Coin Features

EV Coin Benefits

I. Simple payment and personal remittance over mobile and PC 
 • Personal payments and remittance are free through the app. 
 • It is convenient to use EVC at an Alliance shopping mall without a certified certificate.
 II. Safe Transactions Through Block Chain 
 • All transactions in EVC are written over the block chain. 
 • Clear the threat of hacking and cloning to ensure safe transactions. 
 • Access the block chain website for transparent transactions.
 III. The EVC Cards Available in VISA Card Franchise Stores 
 • EVC coin cards that are linked to online accounts. 
 • Prepaid card is associated with Visa cards so that one can use Visa card membership anywhere. 
 • Any EVC user can use this card. 
 IV. Environment Value Transactions Through Smart Contact
 • It is linked to carbon credits. 
 • Clear and easy to own and trade carbon credits listed on the carbon exchange and international standards. • Maintain a stable currency by controlling some of the extraction for the value of money.
 • It is faster, more effective than traditional coins and has a real value.

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