Green technology, the advent of Eco Value Coin (EVC)

Blockchain technology is rapidly adjusting not only games but also into the environment-related economy. The blockchain technology is an electronic ledger technology that maintains the bitcoin. It used to be used to cope with environmental pollution and energy consumption, but it is now emerging as a technology to cope with global warming and deforestation.

Mark Malone, CEO of Eco Value coin at Goodwill Crypto Conference.

According to the article above, Eco Value Coin (EVC) hosted the Goodwill Crypto Conference in Hong Kong on July 13. They discussed how to combining the global carbon emission trading market and blockchains with participants.

Eco Value Coin (EVC) is designed to be able to trade carbon assets by utilizing block chain technologies. EVC allowed the value of the investment fund to be preserved by using 70 % of the investment in the issued crypto currency to purchase carbon credits.

EVC aims to become the carbon asset trading platform coin in conjunction with major European carbon asset exchanges, including China. The EVC will soon establish a branch office in Hong Kong, followed by London, a country where carbon asset transactions are active around the world.

A green block chains focused on carbon trading for a cleaner global environment, For more information on Eco Value Coin, Please refer to

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