The 1st Distributed Economy Forum 2018 and the future of Eco Value Coin.

The 1st Distributed Economy Forum 2018 and the future of Eco Value Coin.

The world’s largest distributed economy(deconomy) forum was held in Seoul in April.

Distributed economy means an economic model in which all participants play their roles for their own economic incentives and reach an agreement without a central agency or broker. 
 At this distributed economic forum, they argued that the development of the blockchain will enable the implementation of open financial protocols and they discussed how to take it one step further.

It is the world’s largest forum and is held annually in major countries around the world, starting with this event. The forum will cover the distributed economy of blockchains and cryptocurrency.

More than 80 global speakers representing the distributed economy and related industries attended the forum, with about 2000 participants attending.

Among them, Mr. Lee (Mr. Se Jin Lee), an Asian business developer for Eco Value Coins, who has met Roger Ver, CEO of, said, “ While coins have focused on user-friendly, we have realized the seriousness of the environmental problem by saying that the movement of the blockchain to play such a role in the global environment and human welfare is taking place. “
 “ We also want Eco Value Coin to play a leading role in protecting the planet.” said Roger Ver.
 Echo an incredibly competitive carbon credits coin in conjunction with crypto currency is all private companies, bringing positive campaign to save the Earth.

With the block hain and the environment, and the green blockchain thinking about mankind, we can create a cleaner, cleaner future together.
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