Trump news conference — 1/11/17

Trump opened up his first news conference since being elected. A few major headlines stood out: ties with Russia, stance on intelligence community, and news media bashing.

Trump has historically been amiable with Vladamir Putin’s regime. This stands in contrast with some of the questions his nominee for Secretary of State faced in this morning’s meeting with the Senate. Russia was found responsible for the use of weapons against innocent civilians in Crimea. Tillerson declined to make any conclusions about that incident.

Trump has had a tough stance towards the intelligence community writ large. He has staunchly supported his own operatives in the intelligence community citing that the RNC was not hacked due to “good hacking defense.” In contrast the DNC was hacked and Mr. Trump concluded “that’s why the country is being run so badly.”

Mr. Trump also got into a spat over a Buzz feed story that blew up featuring one of his own appointees. Apparently the story mixed up one of his own people with someone else of the same name. CNN was also involved.

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