Motherboard is the real state of computer. All the computer ports [input,output,processing] are connected in this board.Motherboard is made by using fiber glass materials on which conductor circuit are printed.

Motherboard PCB may have 4 to 16 layers on each layer various circuit are printed. Inner layer of the board contains circuit for data & outer layer are used to carry power signal and control signals.

Various parts ,slots,headers& socket are inbuilt on Motherboard which are used to connect input,process and output parts.

Back parts of Motherboard
PS/2 port:- purple -To connect ps/2 keyboard.

Green — To connect ps/2 Mouse
Serial port — Old type joystisk
Parallel or LPT Proof:- Old type Printer
VGA:- [Visual graphic adapter]:- For Monitor
USB:-[Universal serial bus]:- Any USB device like KB,Mouse,printer,scanner etc.
LAN:-[Local area network] or Ethernet port:-cable internet or networking.
Audio Ports:-Speaker,Mic ,Audio IN etc.

Ports on the boad
power port -

ATX power port [20/24 pin]-To connect ATX 20/24 pin connector from smps gives power to all section of motherboard like mouse,keyboard etc ATX 12V [4 pins]- To connect ATX 12V connector of smps. It gives power to the CPU.

On Board port -
IDE port or pata port — old types [pata ports]
floppy port — floppy drive

-AGP [Accelerated garphics port] or PCIE or PCI express Graphics card.
-It has higher speed than other slots.
-PCI [pheripheral computer inter connect]:- Any other card like sound,VGA,MODEM,TV etc.
-DIMM [Dual inline Memory Module]:- For RAM 3.3V=SDRAM 2.5V=DDRI 1.8V=DDR2 1.5V=DDR3

Header:- 1> Fan:-a> CPU fan header b>Rear fan header c> Front fan header
2> Front panal :-Power switch Reset,Hard disk light,Power light.
3>USB header -Front USB header
4>Audio header :- Front audio
5>BIOS header :- To reset bios password

CPU:- PGA [pin grid array]:- USED in old desktop & all laptops LGA [Land Wid Array];-Used in new desktop boards