Meet Angelica Zachary — Former Marlon Wayans Wife With Two Kids

Angelica Zachary came to limelight after marrying actor Marlon Wayans. Though their married life had a long run, it ended up in a divorce. After meeting in 2001 and having a long-term relationship for almost four years, Marlon Wayans tied a knot with his ex-wife Angelica Zachary in 2005. It was not a grand wedding, only some close friends and relatives were invited. Unfortunately, because of some unavoidable circumstances, Marlon Wayans divorced his wife Angelica in 2013. From their marriage, they had two children. Marlon Wayans kids Shawn Howell Wayans and Amai Zackary Wayans are two lovely souls. We have seen in many cases that there is bitterness in the relationship after divorce. Plus the bitterness causes problems to the kids too. Well, not in this case. Former Marlon Wayans’ wife Angelica has got a friendly relationship with him. Even after calling it quits they have maintained a healthy relationship.

On Angelica Zachary’s birthday, her ex-husband Marlon posted a photo of them being together with a loving caption. In the caption, Marlon Wayans coined his ex-wife to be a beautiful soul. Marlon further thanked her for being by his side and also thanked her for the prayers. We can see how much his ex-wife means to him. Marlon Wayans and his ex-wife Angelica were together for more than a decade In an interview, Marlon stated that his ex-wife Angelica will always hold a dear place in his heart. The actor then added that he will still have love and respect for his former wife.

The American actor Marlon and his ex-wife Angelica has got mutual respect for one another and are great at co-parenting. In a place where people blame their exes and past marriages, Marlon surely has added a new meaning to the word “Ex-wife.” Marlon Wayans’ ex-wife Angelica Zachary had a high impact on his life. In an American comedy series “Marlon,” which is inspired by his real-life events, has a character named Ashley, which is inspired by his ex-wife Angelica.

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