Why did the universe create life?

What is the purpose of life? Well, I can’t tell you that. I’m not able to tell you the purpose of existing on this puny planet of ours. I can’t even fully tell you about why our planet exists.

I can tell you a few things though. I can tell you that life was not made for working 9–5 everyday. It was also not made for keeping feelings internal and letting them boil you over inside. Certainly wasn’t made for unlawful deaths by law and fear of oblivion. It wasn’t made as a mistake either. Life was crafted and changed until it reached the universe’s standards. The universe, created life out of the universe, to discuss, the universe. We discuss and study and map the universe like a ocean, yet we seem to forget that the universe is inside us. We don’t see it, we never see the universe inside us. No one experiences the galaxies inside themselves. We only ever experience other’s galaxies. I remember the supernovas in his eyes when he talked about the songs that kept him awake at night. I can still recall the afterglow I experienced when he brushed my hand. The solar systems we created together and the antimatter that came from us being apart. I was a curious astronomer to the ever-expanding universe that he was. His aurora gave me light when it was too dark to tell my hands from my face. I miss that most. The words he spoke may have started black holes in my trust and self-respect, but no one has taught me more about life than him. Life was never made to cry until your tears could drown armies; or cause hurricanes. Life was not to slave yourself until you waste away on someone who didn’t even say, “Happy Birthday.” No. No. I cannot tell you the purpose of our existence, but I can tell you this. Life was made for late night walks with your bestfriend. Life was made to laugh at stupid puns. Life was made to prance around in your underwear and have dance parties by yourself to your own favorite songs. Life was made to have rambling conversations and talk about how you don’t know why you exist. Life was made to have your heartbroken 7 times to realize that not everyone is who they say they are. Life was made to see the galaxies in yourself. Life was made to forever wonder and discuss why life was made.

Almost every atom of you body, every fiber of your being, belonged to the universe before you. The salt content in your veins is consubstantial to that of the ocean and one day you will find the sea again. The whole essence of the solar system. You are made of the stars and the waves (along with the earth between your toes)and you are meant to live how you’d like.

Life was made to live.

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