Ceci n’est pas une brand.

Every brand deserves a good logo. But how do you know if your logo is good or not?

Well, before we start, let’s make a very common misconception clear. A brand is not a logo for 2 reasons:

Firstly, the term logo is short for logotype, which means custom-designed letter word for a trademark. Logos means word in greek. The term caught on with people because it sounds cool and easy. What people actually mean is a trademark or a brandmark. A logo is actually one of the types of trademarks. Emblems, pictorial marks, symbolic marks, monograms are some of…

Missed deadlines, sloppy work, getting avoided, missing deliverables… Sound familiar? The list can go on, but if you worked with a designer, video editor, illustrator or any creative in the past, then you must have experienced at least one of those headaches. If not, good for you! You don’t even need to read the rest of this article, but if you have and you don’t know why? Then there is a great chance that you might have pissed the creative off with your critics and the problem may not be their sensitivity but the way you communicate your feedback.


Ece Eyisoy

Brand and Experience Designer

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