EnergyCoin 2nd November 2018 update

Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th official update from the EnergyCoin foundation.

ENRG has been listed on Crex24!!!

We are very happy to announce that we are officially listed. Today we have received a message from the Crex24 team that they have opened ENRG-BTC market. From now on you can make ENRG deposits to your Crex24 account and trade ENRG.

One more exchange

Now that we are listed on a new exchange, our goal is to get listed on one more. We are still considering what exchange would be the best option for our project. When we narrow the list of options, we will let you know where else ENRG might be tradeable.

Stay tuned!

Win64 QT wallet

Our devs have finished the QT wallet win64 version, and we are going to test it for a some time now, to see if there are any bugs to fix.

Contact us!

We’re always eager to hear back from our community! Make sure to leave any ENRG-related questions on our social media/communication platforms;

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