My Most Challenging Learning Experience…

It was not long ago when i had interest in programming. Though i knew nothing, i was eager and ready to learn. At first it was so challenging for me that i almost gave up but i still woke up, shook off the dust and continued moving ahead. I googled every coding sites i could get and learn more before class until i was able to catch up with the other students. I would always remind myself that there’s no challenge ahead that i can not face. No matter how many times i will be required to repeat so long as i face it.

And i learnt that when you have challenges in any particular area, don’t give up or get weighed down instead be excited because it means you are getting more knowledge of what was unknown to you, unlike when you get everything easy for you that only means you are learning what you know which means you are stagnant in one place. So i would say challenges are good because they toughen and stretches people to be better than they were.

That’s why i would rather be a “laughing stock” by facing a challenge and getting to learn something than pretend to know everything and learning nothing.

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