In Memory of Edward Cheng
Eric Cheng

From De-Min and Chin-Sha Wu:

Dear Shu and Family:
We were saddened to hear that Ed passed away. We lost a dear friend and the Taiwanese community in San Diego lost one of the most important supporters of the Taiwanese American Community Center in San Diego.
Ed supported TACC in many ways. He served as a board member of the Taiwanese American Foundation of San Diego for 12 years. More importantly he served TACC by founding and maintaining high quality programs like the Understanding Science lecture series and the Culture and History lecture series. He also ran the Book Club of TACC for many years until he became ill. I have never ceased to be amazed by his ability to come up with high quality speakers for so many years. Ed was really dedicated to TACC programs. During the Taiwanese Heritage week of 2014, Ed asked Song-Mei Peng to organize a concert of Taiwanese songs. Ed was already ill at the time but he was determined to make the concert a success and insisted that there should be a high quality brochure of the concert with verses of all songs. He asked me to type the verses of the songs to be performed at the concert. Even when he was ill, he cared enough to pay attention to the details of who type the verses. Such devotion really touched my heart.
At a more personal level, Ed enriched our life enabling us to enjoy the programs he created and sustained. Moreover, due to Ed’s encouragement, De-Min gave one lecture in the understanding science lecture series and gave two book reports. For a period of more than 10 years, this is hardly active participation. Nonetheless, De-Min benefitted greatly from giving these talks because he felt that he learned a great deal by giving the talks. De-Min also would like to mention that after his talk, Ed always had kind words about the talk for encouragement. And this was Ed.
Ed was an extraordinary person. He had the rare combination of being a well respected nuclear scientist and also being an inspiring poet. Many of his poems are very moving: like those about 911 and 228. In our book, anyone who can write poems that move people is a great poet. We are fortunate to own a book of a collection of his poems. De-Min usually planned to read a couple of poems every night before going to bed. But he always ended up reading more than a couple. In our book, any poet who writes poems people cannot stop reading is a great poet. In our book, Ed is a great poet. Now we cannot read his new poems. One more comment on Ed’s poems. He occasionally gave an informal poem reading session or party sometimes with wine. These were the most enjoyable and relaxing meetings we have ever had at the Taiwan Center. We will miss those parties.
These are some of the memories we have on Ed: how he touched our life and how he enriched our life.
We are aware that no words can relieve your grief. However, please know that you have often been in our thought since we heard the sad news. Please accept our deepest condolence and please take care of yourselves.
De-Min and Chin-Sha Wu
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