Can you Beat Bipolar Disorder?

I certainly did, or rather I mastered it. I used to think that this bipolar diagnosis was a curse, but as I grew spiritually and dealt with the root causes of my suffering, I now see it as a blessing. Ride the highs, minimise and endure the lows, that’s my mantra.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features. I was sectioned, had a taser gun used on me and was locked in a police cell too. Furthermore I spent three weeks in an intensive care psychiatric unit and was pumped full of all manner of medications.

The diagnosis stung and immediately when they told me that I would be on medication, my first thought was for how long.

Six months minimum, they said.

A lifetime is a long time depending on your perspective and I was not comfortable being diagnosed with something that would last that long. I must be able to cure this illness was my thought. If I could identify what caused it and treat that, then surely I would be healed. So many people with this diagnosis have stopped fighting and have accepted this affliction for the rest of their lives. It’s sad reading some of these stories.

The manic experience was one of the best times of my life and I spent months trying to get back to that place. Being a service user showed me the true nature of the UK’s mental health system, especially as a black man who is 17 times more likely to be sectioned than my white counterparts.

I went through phases of depression and elation and frustration and confusion trying to find the root cause. I battled substance abuse and put on 17Kg (37lbs) in the process.

(Check out my weight loss transformation below)

Things culminated with me truly hitting rock bottom and contemplating suicide. It was at this moment that I made a decision that would put my faith to the test. I went cold turkey and it was at this point that my recovery began. I am in a better place now than I was last year. More creative, more in control and more organised. I understand the relationship between mental, physical and spiritual health now more than ever. I am drug free and symptom free, to the bemusement of my doctors.

I am glad that I went through what I did. I wouldn't trade it in for the world. It has helped make me the man I am today.

Before the episode I was an INFP, now I am an ENFP. Happy days.

I have been so productive in these last few months that I have written a book about my whole journey. started a charity to repair broken communities, started a new job, started wiring poetry, created a social enterprise and a YouTube channel to name a few. Yes, you can find out exactly how i beat bipolar at my website The book is called My Polar Opposite: A Blessing in the Skies.

The book officially launches on October 27th in London, be sure to book tickets for the launch, it’s going to be a special evening.

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