3AM thoughts.

It's almost 3AM and all I can think of is travelling, i'm having fears again of the unknown. But i want to travel again. Early February, the family went to our ancestral home in Pampanga. I didn't go there to explore the city, I was there sadly for my grand aunts funeral.

I never really liked it there, the house is small, creepy and full of old artifacts that seemed scary to me as a kid.I got my fill of horror there which made me swear not to go back. Or it might just be a dream? Hope so! Haha!

Here’s our old home..


I did not and would not dare roam further more. My feet were cold when I went into my old great-grandfather’s bathroom to take a shower and I SWEAR... It’s the hardest bathing time in my entire life. I was scared shitless, reason why I didn’t photograph much of the house.

Check the size of Pampangas Pandesal (white bread) its almost the same size of a regular sized spoon.

Our antique plate, maybe ranges more than 70 years. The plates and utensils here are carved with my great grandmother’s name on them.

My Grand Aunt, they said she was the best amongst her siblings, such a shame i didn’t give myself a chance to know her more. Farewell Apo.