The 5 Leading AI companies in Brisbane

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3 min readOct 27, 2023

Explore top AI companies in Brisbane advancing in artificial intelligence. Discover how they’re transforming business landscapes locally and beyond.

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Brisbane is fast becoming a hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation, with companies like Artificial Workflow leading the way. These firms are helping businesses leverage AI to optimize operations and make smarter decisions. This article highlights five notable AI companies in Brisbane, shedding light on their unique services and contributions to the AI sector.

Artificial Workflow:

  • Overview: Artificial Workflow, headquartered in Brisbane, specializes in offering Gen AI consulting and solutions aimed at enhancing business processes​​​.
  • Services: The company extends a suite of AI consulting services, aiding businesses in navigating operational challenges and implementing AI-driven solutions. Their services are tailored to help businesses seamlessly integrate AI into their existing systems, thus promoting operational efficiency.
  • Solutions: They also build in house AI solutions that they make publicly available. Echobase AI is a prime example of this, it’s an AI for business platform which allows anyone to easily integrate AI into their business.
Artificial Workflow


  • Focus: Catering primarily to small and medium enterprises, CopilotHQ stands as a reliable AI consulting partner. They assist in various business domains including sales, customer service, and marketing, helping businesses leverage AI for performance enhancement​.
  • Achievement: The acknowledgment among Australia’s Top 20 AI Consulting Firms illustrates the company’s expertise and trustworthiness in the AI domain​.
  • Mission: With a clear mission, CopilotHQ endeavors to help businesses amplify their operations and reach their defined goals through the power of AI​.

  • Focus: With a strong footing in automation consulting, delves into AI and Robotic Process Automation. They strive to provide a local platform for companies to unlock new operational efficiencies​.
  • Founder: The brainchild of Thuy Lam, encapsulates Lam’s extensive experience in process optimization and data science, which is reflected in the innovative solutions the company offers​​.
  • Services: Companies seeking to explore the realms of AI and automation can find a reliable partner in Their consulting services provide a pathway for companies to integrate modern automation solutions.


  • Focus: Relialytics embarks on a mission to enhance asset reliability through analytics. Their focus is especially beneficial in harsh operating environments where equipment reliability is crucial​.
  • Transition: The integration of Relialytics’ technology into Deloitte’s Specialist Asset division marked a significant milestone, expanding its reach and impact​.
  • Investment: The company attracted investment from Sumitomo Corporation, paving the way for the development of AI-based predictive maintenance software for mining equipment​.


  • Focus: Aginic, with a strong emphasis on data analytics and business intelligence, helps businesses navigate the data-driven landscape, making informed decisions based on actionable insights​.
  • Growth: The company’s rapid expansion across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne is a testament to its prowess in the domain, now boasting over 100 employees​​.
  • Transition: The acquisition by Mantel Group further broadened Aginic’s scope in data engineering and insights consultancy, fortifying its position in the industry​.

Through their distinct focus areas and dedicated services, these five companies are not only pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with AI but are also playing a pivotal role in shaping Brisbane’s AI ecosystem. Their collective efforts are steering the city towards becoming a notable hub of AI innovation, promising a bright future for businesses and the community at large.

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