Another year comes to a close and what an exciting time it has been at Echo Group! So much has happened over the past 12 months and we are extremely proud looking back at our achievements.

We started off the year with littil LED lights being recognised as a preferred supplier by MM Electrical Merchandising. The wholesale side of the business saw product installed across 10 TNT sites and Spotlight stores nationally. littil also celebrated winning projects at Melbourne Markets and Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre this year.

In April, we launched Jim’s Energy — a new residential solar division…

Professor John Thwaites’ Review of Electricity and Gas Retail Markets, released last month, calls for re-regulation of the Australian retail electricity market as a way to address the anti-competition sentiment that has become rife here in Victoria. The Thwaites report identifies consumers’ inability to exit the market and the cost associated with marketing and customer retention as key reasons why the mechanisms of competition and innovation have failed.

By providing an essential service, competition in the energy market is more convoluted than any other industry. While consumers are faced with a plethora of deals on their energy bills (in fact…

In the past two months alone, approximately 3.5 gigawatts of solar generation capacity have been added to the development pipeline of large-scale solar projects in Australia— x10 the current solar capacity in operation.

This is big news for the industry.

As Australia gets closer and closer to meeting the Renewable Energy Target (RET), the price of large-scale renewables certificates (LGCs) are set to drop from their historically high values in early 2017. Similarly, small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are showing no signs of rebounding. …

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