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Medium: Writing Outside Of The Void

Medium understands that writing is for people, not for robots.

Zip up files and remove junk on MAC OSX

Command line magic to remove __MACOSX and .DS_Store from .zip.

Zip up files and remove junk from .zip package on MAC OSX

Command line magic to remove __MACOSX and .DS_Store from .zip.

zip -d filename.zip __MACOSX/\*

Creating Your Own Chef Cookbook Generator

The Chef Development Kit (Chef DK) comes with an awesome tool: chef. This command line utility can do a number of things to streamline chef development for you, so let’s look at one of the more valuable things you can do: create your own cookbook generator.

If you’re not already familiar, there are a number of generators in the Chef DK…

Echohack’s Mental Tools For Programmers

The Macbook roars to life with the sound of a chorus of angels. At least, that’s how I think about the bootstrap process that initializes the power…

Publications edited by David Echols

The path to simplicity is a messy one.

A Bridge Too Far: Google Tricks Gmail Users Into Signing Up For Google+

Google is taking dark patterns to a new level

Attacked, But Not Broken

Why Repair Is About More Than Just Saving Money

In early January, my fiancee was attacked by a random person. It was a horrifying…

Make a OS X Mavericks USB Installer Disk

From the “wow that was easy” department.


  • Download OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store.

Things That Bother Me

A Software Engineer’s Take On A Few Things

It bothers me that…

- We don’t pay enough attention to how our environments our…

Many People Can’t Use Computers And Why It Should Worry You

Even the “experts” are faking it sometimes.

Artifactory’s Secret Build Deploy API

Put Your Continuous Deployment On Custom Steroids

 Artifactory is a wonderful package repository for storing artifacts…

A Week With FitBit Flex: What You Need To Know, TLDR; Edition

 - Use the app on your iPhone / iPad / Android. It’s easier to sync and you don’t have to have the dongle attached to…