Tips and trends to keep visitors on your website

Successful websites with more than hundreds of thousands of visitors changing from one to another day by a Google Penalty. What are you doing then?

By analyzing many other sites, we found the solution.

• A separate page redirect all outgoing links. 
• Less is more: took a different structure within the website for a lower bounce rate, higher conversion rates and more was redirected to other pages. What happened exactly? Among other major menus are converted into small menus to generate more clicks. In addition, the many links on the page and brought in texts to two or three relevant links.

• The focus was placed on the earnings per click, to identify what the total earnings and by creating the right content. That content made sure that the websites were higher in the rankings of Google and even more visitors and thus merits piloted.

Divide visitors flow
1. More traffic from email addresses — develop newsletters to get new fans.
2. Social Media — Facebook, creating new customers and additional visitors to the website.

3. Members receive a newsletter, a free e-book about other books about Paris and France can download them. But they can also be a paid member, for € 15 per year, which allows them access to more information and tips, where “normal” visitors can not gain access. These members are the ambassadors!

Tips to maintain your visitors

1. Links to other relevant pages, the visitor stays longer on your site, bounce rate goes down and the value of your website goes up.

2. Good titles and keywords, a title is quickly truncated by Google because for too long, make for a title that is no longer than 57 characters. Then the title at the top of the search terms.

3. An interesting meta description, this should be a trigger for the visitor. This also applies to the title!
If you write good content and you will have authority on what you overwrite and you combine that with affiliate marketing, you generate profits. Of course the affiliate marketing should be in moderation and this should be relevant to you content.

Website Trends:

1. A responsive website without sidebar. What happens to your site if that is accessed by a mobile user? The moment you open the website, the sidebar disappears completely down, so the effect of a banner similar is minimal. What is a trigger for the visitor? A fun, interesting pictures in your content and a link in your text and it will increase conversion.

2. Content is important for the travel industry, standard text work is no longer in this industry and inspiration that which organizations should focus on.

3. Image is important, big beautiful photos to create inspiration for your visitor.

4. Podcasting is very much in America, the written content is slowly being replaced by podcasting, which will also be a trend.

5. Provide inspiration for visitor’s content by good stories, beautiful photographs and other images. One example is Rickshaw Travel, which its new website and social media efforts, purely to create inspiration for the traveler.

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