If I could live anywhere, it would be in close proximity to curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion.

I believe every great thing is born out of the courage required for unbridled curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion.

Every invention, every great book, every great love story, every act of kindness and generosity seems to originate from the 4Cs.

Imagine the possibilities if we all made ample space in our life for those four words.





In its most simplified form that is my Camelot. A life lived in commitment to those four things.

I want to know what it feels like to have so much space in my day, in my mind and in my heart that I can’t help but be filled with curiosity, pursue creativity, seek out connection, live out compassion.

I want this for my children and my marriage too.

I believe that the 4Cs are the most fulfilling way to spend my life.

I know there are realities that inhibit this.








Did I mention fear?

Time and energy are limited resources.

I want to learn how to minimize the inhibitors in order to maximize my-

Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Compassion.

I want to acquire the courage required to do so.

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