There’s No Magic in Venture-Backed Home Care
Kyle Hill

Kyle, first saw you guys at your presentation at Aging 2.0 in SF. Been impressed with your journey and ability to build your business and raise money.

However, I have to call out your blaming the 1099 vs. W-2 issue. The families that hired a homecare worker through your platform (which Home Hero transferred the money paid by the families to the worker under a 1099) these families still had to pay taxes on the workers they employed as “homecare employees” via your platform.

All Home Hero was doing was passing the taxes onto the families who employed the Home Hero independent contractor. In addition, the Home Hero contractors had to pay their independent contractor taxes. The taxes get paid either way! Just not by Home Hero.

Passing the tax burden on to your customers and contractors is not equal to building a business. Really. Sorry.

Perhaps the day will come when a homecare worker-owned, shared economy, online platform can break through.

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