I’m in tears as the reality of the spiritual realm just hit me hard and the superiority of God was also manifested in a dream.

I had plans to do some work yesterday night but strangely I was drained of energy, so I decided to sleep because I knew I’ll wake up at about 2 or 3 am. It was a fast one… I drifted super fast.

I was in my sleep and nothing was happening until I saw myself in front of a computer, with a Youtube channel on the screen. All the videos on that channel had fire in the background and some things that weren’t so visible because of the fire. Like those things were in the fire. This was what was displayed in preview. I instantly sensed that there was something spiritual going on.

Next thing, one of the videos started playing. I didn’t play it and I could tell that everything in me didn’t want to watch that video. Then someone started speaking; not from the video but from somewhere.

As I watched the video, I saw something like a tree with only two branches. One branch stretched left and the other, right. On the LEFT, there were two fetish and devilish things, like statues sitting and carrying something on their heads. The person, or let me say, that thing that was speaking said that on the left are ‘gods of Ife’ (as per Ile-Ife in Nigeria) or something like that. Simply connoting the devil and some evil stuff (those images were on fire).

On the RIGHT, all I could see was gold… like a golden lion. The right side was NOT on fire. The whole screen on the right was gold. And that thing spoke and said, THIS IS THE LION OF JUDAH!

Immediately, I heard myself say I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST. As I said it, I felt the Holy Spirit descend so hard on me. It felt like I became fortified. It felt like I just received power, strength. As soon as I said it, I came under attack in the physical.

I was stiff, I could not move. My head was turned to the right as I laid on my back, on my bed. I couldn’t turn it the other way. I was numb.

Then I started saying, ‘I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST’.

Usually, I’ll say Jesus but some days ago, while listening to a conversation, there was an issue surrounding praying in the name of Jesus and in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Some say it doesn’t matter, some say it does… I won’t go into this now.

Back to the dream. After I said that, next I started saying ‘ALL AUTHORITY BELONGS TO JESUS CHRIST’. I kept trying to move in the physical, still couldn’t. Then in my mind, it came to me that I just chose who owned my life, my soul, me. That’s why the devil was furious and wanted to take me by force.

I kept mentioning the blood and ascribing all authority. Then I tried opening my eyes in the physical, which opened and my body released.

Immediately, I started crying and speaking in tongues and blessing the name of God. Right there and then, a voice said to me ‘Spread this message’.

Instantly, I looked for my phone (a new phone, less than a month old), opened this page and started typing.

After typing the first paragraph you read above, my phone screen went blank! A new phone!

My eyes scanned through my room to be sure there wasn’t anything there that ought not to be there. Evil spirit kind of thing. I was a bit concerned. There wasn’t. I started speaking in tongues and rebuking the devil and his cohorts through Jesus Christ. Then I asked God to surround me. This took about 2 minutes.

I have my Medium app set to automatic mode. So at the moment, it is on night mode. The screen went blank. But all that was showing was an underlined JESUS CHRIST. Only the underline was showing. it was after I restarted the medium application and reopened what I was typing (it saved to drafts) that I saw it.

While typing, my eyes started paining me. It was hurting and tears were rolling out without remorse. But I didn’t stop typing this. It stopped and I’m normal. The devil wanted to stop me by all means. But when God says Yes, no one can say No.

That’s it on the dream.

Lets go back and analyse some things.

Why was JESUS CHRIST on the RIGHT SIDE of the tree branch and not the left? Why wasn’t the RIGHT SIDE on fire? Why was it in GOLD? Why did the voice say ‘LION OF JUDAH’ rather than JESUS CHRIST? Why did my phone screen go blank? Why was it only JESUS CHRIST that was underlined when the entire screen went blank and the phone remained switched on? Why did my eyes suddenly start hurting so bad?

I asked these questions and I got answers.

JESUS CHRIST was on the right side of the tree branch because THAT IS THE RIGHT SIDE TO BE ON.

The right side was not on fire because EVERY OTHER THING WILL BURN — WILL CEASE TO EXIST — WILL NOT STAND… Only God. Nothing else will remain eventually… only God.

The right side was gold because it is precious, valuable, beautiful, something we need and somewhere we have to be, something we should have.

The thing said ‘Lion of Judah’ rather then ‘JESUS CHRIST’ because the devil and his demons CANNOT mention the name JESUS CHRIST!

My phone screen went blank, my eyes started hurting because the devil does not want me to spread this happening.

JESUS CHRIST was the only underlined because the name cannot be hidden or affected by whims and caprices of the devil. Though the screen went blank, JESUS CHRIST still manifested.

Dear friend, choose whom you shall serve.

I pray you choose JESUS CHRIST.

If you do not know CHRIST, please find Him and ask Him into your life.

God bless you!