Elevating Advancement of Modern Technology

Technology is advancing so much in today’s society that it makes us question our own privacy. Is security more valuable than your privacy? Dave Eggers, The Circle allows one to see technology in a different light. In The Circle, the employees are given little to no privacy considering the fact everything they do is being monitored. For example, in The Circle, Anne gives a speech on the SeeChange cameras and explains how the cameras are easy to hide and how they’re basically inevitable. “They don’t know we see them, but we do. The world is watching. And listening.” (pg. 65) “And no matter how many times they try to eliminate the cameras, because they’re so small, they’ll never know for sure where they are, who placed them where, and when.” (pg. 66) Considering the fact technology is supposed to be beneficial do you believe having your every move watched is worth it? Another example to place into consideration would be how schools and even employers monitor their students and employees activities on social media. According to Technology and Employee Monitoring, “An employer cannot access employees’ personal social media accounts, but may limit and monitor the use of social media on employer provided equipment and can request login information for an account obtained by virtue of employment.” (Villano, Kenton). Being that your private life and your work life are separate one would think it is not fair to compare the two.

Technological advancements such as hidden cameras can also be good as well. In The Circle, while Anne was giving her speech to the audience she spoke about how she asked her mother to have security cameras installed; “A year ago she fell and broke her hip, and since then I’ve been concerned about her. I asked her to have some security cameras installed, so I could access them on a closed circuit, but she refused. But now I have peace of mind.” (pg. 68) Being that those cameras were installed even though they were done secretly is beneficial because it was for her own safety. According to the article, Walnut Creek: Police Body cameras good idea, it was said that police will be held more accountable, it will improve the trust citizens have in the police, lessen aggressive behavior when engaging with police, and it will help make the community safer. (McGall, Andrew). Being that there have been many incidents with the police such as Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin it seems logical to have body cameras because they are safer and they allow peace of mind compared to the scenario above in The Circle.

In The Circle, Francis discusses how chips used to be implanted in kids in order to protect them from kidnapping. “ So a couple years ago, the government of Denmark tried a programs where they inserted chips in kids’ wrists.” (pg. 88). Also in The Circle, Gina comes in and explains to Mae how it’s important for her to keep up online and communicate with everyone. While doing so she shows Mae a three dimensional map and it basically tells her where everyone is located on the map by colored dots. (pg 97) Although body chips don’t like an appealing idea due to the fact everyone feels there is a lack of privacy in it when you think about it it’s only for the safety of others. Take into consideration that we live in an age where kidnapping and human trafficking are higher than they have ever been before. Wouldn’t you want to know that your child is where they’re supposed to be?

The Circle also also talked about the Unified Operating System. “..the Unified Operating System, which combined everything online had here therefore been separate and sloppy — users’social media profiles, their payment systems, their various passwords, their email accounts, user names, preferences, every tool and manifestation of their interests.” (pg. 21). Basically, all of the accounts that Mae had were conjoined and this way everything was easily accessible and direct instead of spread out. This system of operation plays a big role in hacking which leads to another one of the topics tied into privacy. According to Terry White, it’s dangerous to use the same password for multiple accounts because this can cause your accounts to become more subject to being hacked.