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Applications are a vital part of our smartphone experience sometimes we can miss new applications or never find that app for doing a specific task just because no-one you know has mentioned it, some apps go undetected, get lost in play store’s, this can be because they are rubbish, which is the main reason, because they are new with few downloads and not a lot of chatter about them or they can just be that app which loads of people use but really don’t talk about, like Fight Club you only talk about it when your in it by special invite all cloak and dagger, meet me by the third tree 20 paces from the fifth bush which is beside the hedge in that forrest, these things happen word of mouth is the best way any app developer wants the power of that these days is amazing, we do have the power, once that person you follow on what ever site mentions a new app you have to check it out, were all human it’s instinct, well it’s really more like we don’t want to be that person who is last to the party it’s always good to be there from the start especially with social apps once they get overcrowded then it’s time to look for a new venue right?

Personally i am a self confessed app addict i test apps everyday, on a personal and fun level, I will always give an app a good run 2 weeks or a month before i decide if it’s a winner or not, most apps are not its not that I have high standards I’m just fussy i like apps to perform as they should by provide a service they claim it doing tasks which they say, most new apps i expect bugs that’s normal and acceptable, apps i try i will review which I used to do on WordPress but like anything and everything change was needed and here i am along with app reviews which I will post here I also do #AOTW which is App Of The Week google Plus post in my appygeek collection, https://plus.google.com/collection/IVvLc , which is a short review on apps i think deserve a mention, all are my personal opinion and I do try all apps I mention, here I will be doing a more in depth review on they AOTW posts some are apps which have been in play store for a long time and might not be popular, lost in the crowed, some new Android users might never have heard of them as a load of iPhone users are coming to the dark side and getting the Android bug, which is a great bug a bug I don’t mind having, along with apps I’ll also review a few gadgets which i product test from smartphones to toasters what ever I get my hands I’ll let you know, so that’s about it just a post about what I’ll be posting about, just a normal bloke doing normal things.

(All apps will be run on several devices running Android 4 and above i will always state which version of Android i personally test apps on also if device is rooted or not along with the device model)

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