Love fades

I think I have reached the border.

That line separating your belief about love.

A lifetime is very short, but I now consider love to be shorter. Love just does not meet the criteria to be long lived. It is confused with things that makes you happy. Things that makes your blood rush so fast. You feel tingly and alive. Then you will want more of it to satisfy you more. It is human nature.

You love doing the things you love. You dream of reaching it. And the more you dream about it, the closer you get.

You love someone. And the chances are because that someone also loves you back. Or have been very nice to you. And you feel happy with that.

Begging for love. Seems too desperate. It seems very humiliating to see someone doing it. But doesn’t everyone want to be loved by someone they love? Yes, I know it seems selfish. I’m selfish but it will fade, too.

Love fades. Time fades. Everything fades.