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The Five Virtues of Travel

The Five Virtues of Travel

We all have reasons to go somewhere. To visit family. Relax on a beach. Or that dream vacation you always dreamed about. But what about the places you don’t have a reason to visit? I have come up with a short list of criteria for visiting any new place; The Five Virtues of Travel. Just a few guidelines for selecting a new destination and the kind of research you can do to prepare. Impress everyone with your mad research skill YO!

1. Sightseeing

Why else would you go somewhere unless you had cool stuff to see? This includes iconic monuments, natural landscapes, and impressive architecture. These usually offer the greatest photo ops and are generally much more exciting to see in person. Judge for yourself if a landmark is actually worth seeing!

2. Food

Food is a necessity of life. And also a necessity of travel. Each location has its own distinct meals which should be experienced while visiting. Try delicious flavors that will stay in your tastebud’s memories every time you hear its name!

3. Culture

People in different regions have different customs. Their language. Their clothing. The way they stand when they talk to people. Its good to immerse yourself in the culture to gain a bit of perspective and make it easier to make friends. No one likes a dirty gaijin.

4. History

Even better than the history channel is being there yourself and learning from the source. Every place has its own diverse history. Check out museums and guided tours to heighten your travel experience.

5. Nightlife

No one want to stop having fun just because the sun goes down. Night time activities let you enjoy your trip until you decide when to call it quits. Having options for late night food, bar hopping, and of course music allows for a well rounded vacation. Find the unique musical vibe each city brings alive!

No matter what your reason for visiting a new city, evaluating the Five virtues against it will give you a little insight into how the trip will go. Evaluate it with these guidelines and plan accordingly. Are there any criteria you consider before taking a new trip? Let me know your favorites in the comments below. Going to go plan my next trip right now. As always thanks for reading and keep leveling up!

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