No matter how many times I explained my reasoning, it all came down to me being an idiot for trusting him in the first place. The big mistake was that I was “stupid enough”
Screw It. Today Sucks. A Year Ago, I Was Assaulted.
Ellie Guzman


Why the fuck is it automatically OUR fault, the victims fault, for being stupid enough to let ourselves get assaulted or raped or harassed? Are we really the ones who did something so immoral? Or could it be that the man (or men) who did it to us was wrong.

Why do we have to be careful and never trust men in fear that they might hurt us? Why does this have to affect our whole lives?

I ask these questions because I know no other way of expressing my confusion on this topic. I’m sorry this happened to you and to every other women with a similar experience.

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