Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

I’m tired of the doping nonsense: a previously-untracked substance, meldonium, was suddenly defined as a dopant just this year, just in time. The idea of banning whole countries or whole teams, even if a few of the athletes really were violating pre-existing rules, is ridiculously unfair. It seems to me this was done specifically to “put down” Russia; it’s just another form of political posturing. It’s contagious — it justifies Western athletes in having a bad attitude, in believing that it’s OK to go along with that put-down, to refuse to shake hands with the Russians and so on. Really pathetic that the human race continues to behave this way, after all we’ve been through over the last few decades. Americans preach about tolerance in various contexts, and judge others for the lack of it, but they don’t practice it. They got away with being bullies militarily, and economically, and it’s been so long so much a part of their national identity that even regular folks don’t know how to behave otherwise.

I’m tired of hearing about the IOC and their spoiled-rotten behavior, too. The rent-seeking, the attempt to control the media, the demand to be treated like royalty wherever they go. To watch is to grant them success and reward them for being what they are; so I don’t want to.