7 Facts on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

“Artificial Intelligence has been inserted into our lives in different ways, without us noticing it,” said former US President Barack Obama in an interview. In truth, we use intelligent services and products on a daily basis. Learning algorithms drive cars and planes; help us find information, fight online fraud, money laundering, and much more.

However, conversations around Artificial Intelligence (AI) reveal that general opinion still considers it a potentially dangerous “super-intelligence”, which could one day end up turning against humanity. Many other erroneous beliefs challenge the perception of “benevolent Artificial Intelligence”.

Here are some of the received ideas, and the truth behind these.

  1. Machine Learning is a new technology

2. Artificial Intelligence = Machine Learning?

3. Machine Learning consists only of synthesizing data

4. Machine Learning replaces traditional anti-malware technologies

5. Machine Learning is unable to predict unprecedented events

6. Artificial Intelligence will take our jobs

7. No one needs human security experts anymore

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