4 Amazing Use Cases for Virtual Reality in Business

Becoming the hero in a video game, experiencing the fear of heights, taking a roller coaster ride from the sofa…With Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) helmet, these are now all possible! But beyond a fantasy come true for individuals, Virtual Reality has become a business tool which is transforming the habits and ways of people in many sectors.

Many studies devoted to virtual and augmented reality around the world reveal that they will have the greatest growth potential in B2B (Business to Business) by 2017, even more than B2C (Business to Consumer). It is even the sectors of industry and retail that should benefit the most from these technological advances. Culture is not left out with the possibilities of developing, for example, virtual immersive tours of museums. Thinking about their potentials for the health, training or transportation sectors… Here are some examples of the potential of this new tool.

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