Top 5 Storage Trends in the Era of Big Data and IoT

Digitalization, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) are currently force companies to fundamentally renew or consolidate their IT landscape. In contrast to conventional homogeneous storage environments, the future storage concepts need to meet the increasing demand for scalability and flexibility.

The storage landscape is currently undergoing rapid change. Conventional storage technologies such as direct-attached storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Networks (SAN) have had their data center. These changes in the data center, IT managers need to adjust now.

Due to the increasing need for digitalization, companies often have to process many different data in a very short time. As the digital transformation reaches almost every business area, the demands on the performance and agility of IT are constantly increasing. Innovative IT concepts are therefore essential to develop new data-centric business models.

  1. Cloud storage brings cost advantages

2. Full-Flash for highest storage performance

3. Hybrid storage combines capacity and performance

4. Server-based storage — scalable and virtualized

5. Storage tiering takes advantage of all storage media

Which storage solution is the right one?

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