Need a Good Book? Me too.

Own a Kindle? Me too. I love my Kindle because I can take it anywhere. It fits in some of my small purses, it is light, I can store multiple books on it, etc. There are so many perks to owning a Kindle and buying books on the Kindle, like the facts that the books are also cheaper.

But if you have a Kindle, you are also less likely to go into a bookstore, since you can go to the “bookstore” from your couch with a Kindle. I find that I am not in a bookstore like Barnes & Noble as often as I was before the Kindle, so I don’t get to see the new books right when I walk in the door and don’t spend several hours spiraling the store with seven books in hand trying to decide which ones I will actually buy.

I do still go into bookstores, don’t get me wrong. I love the feeling of a bookstore and all the magic that it holds. And now if I see a book in the store that I really want to read but might not get to right away, I will make a list so that I can go back or buy it on the Kindle. I find that I get a better idea of what books are currently out when I go to the store and I get a better sense of if I would want to read the book if I can look at it in its physical form. When looking at the bookstore on the Kindle, they all tend to blend together and then I am not sure which books I actually want to get. So now I tend to buy a mix of books with my Kindle and actual books to have and hold. Because really, what is better than curling up in your favorite nook and holding a book with a warm beverage?

And if you have any good book suggestions, feel free to send them this way!