When You Are Alone

This week, my husband has been traveling for work. Two whole nights by myself to do whatever I want. Usually I am pretty pumped for some alone time and the ability to do as I please, but then after a while it gets a little boring. Sure, I can binge watch YouTube videos and read my book, but it is more fun when you have a buddy around.

When I am home by myself, I tend to keep the house pretty quiet, unless I am watching something. If I am working from home, I do turn on music, but when I am not working, sometimes the silence is nice. I feel like so much of my life is noise and that I am constantly filling my brain space so that my thoughts don’t seep through. But when I finally succumb to silence, it is really nice to be in my own head with my thoughts and get down to the nitty gritty. Why do I feel a certain way about myself? Why do I have this insecurity? How does that person really feel about me and how I do I feel about them?

We process information in the silence. In having time by myself, I can access that deep part of my brain that is usually muted. Most of our focus happens on the surface level of what we are doing in the right now, but it is healthy to dive in to the recesses of thought and pull out whatever you can find. We can learn so much about ourselves and our reality by allowing that silence to fill us. This is where we can find mindfulness as well, but finding quiet and focusing on the breath.

So often, we are afraid to be alone by ourselves, but it should be a time to embrace and find stillness to process. Your brain can only handle being stimulated for so long. Though I miss my husband when he is gone, I appreciate the time to reflect and be quiet when he is not around.