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[Update 10/16/19: After months of work, we’re currently updating our original design and approaching beta launch. We’re excited to release more information soon!]

We are excited to announce Eco, a new global currency protocol. Eco aims to move money in a way that is easier, safer, and faster to use than paper money. In addition, Eco will ensure that the majority of the economic value generated by the platform is fairly distributed to its community to create a more equitable distribution of resources.

Eco is an open source platform that will not be controlled by any single individual, organization or nation. Eco seeks to create a verified network of universities to help build an evenly distributed and cooperative financial infrastructure that is easy-to-use.

We previously published our design proposal and will be publishing our whitepaper in coming months. We welcome your feedback and comments at If you are an expert in technology, security, economics, governance, policy or design and are interested in helping create a new monetary ecosystem, please email us at

Rethinking money, payment and rewards. A better way to earn and spend.

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